Event Date: Summer Festival, End of July

Venue: Havsvallen, island Smögen in Sweden

Since 2018, Bombee has been the technical producer and production manager of the Amaze Festival, Sweden’s most popular electronic dance music festival on the island of Smögen. Redefining the way Sweden experiences live entertainment, Bombee has continued to impress audiences and organizers with an innovative approach to both stage design and traditional production. 

Year after year, the world-class performers, intimate day parties, and outdoor night clubs at this event have proven to be one of the most successful of the summer. In launching, Swedish live organizers were captivated by Bombee’s fresh perspective to stage design and saw potential on how concert goers could engage in a new way. Since then, Bombee has continued to create visually stunning and immersive experiences with their state of the art LED screens, custom production elements, lights, sound and special effects solutions. Their blend of technology, artistry, and audience engagement has set elevated standards that continue to challenge the industry’s approach to live events. 

With more than 8,000 in-attendance at least year’s festival, the success of Bombee’s collaboration has cemented their status as pioneers in the field of event management and captivated the hearts of the community, leaving a lasting impression that continues to transform entertainment production.

Media courtesy of Amaze Festival