Event Date: 2016 – Present

Venue: Various Venues from Europe to North America

Since 2016, Bombee has been an indispensable partner in technically producing each of the DreamHack Masters events. Known as a premier esports tournament, the DreamHack Masters have prioritized exceptional viewer experience for attendees in the arena and enthusiasts tuning in from around the world.

Bombee has played a pivotal role in the success of these events throughout the years, executing the technical production, set and lighting design, and overall event management. Recognizing that the stage is the epicenter of these esports productions, Bombee has consistently pushed the boundaries to curate experiences that both enhance the viewer’s sense of excitement and add cinematic quality to elevate the overall atmosphere. Through this multifaceted approach, these events have encompassed an unforgettable viewer experience, competitive edge, global recognition, and continuous innovation. 

With relentless dedication, Bombee’s collaboration with DreamHack Masters has crafted a world-class spectacle that has captivated the gaming community and shaped its status as a premier esports event.

Media courtesy of Dreamhack