Event Date: 2015 – Present

Venue: Various Venues from Europe to North America

Built off a long-term partnership, Bombee has been entrusted with producing all of the esports stages for the DreamHack Open events. These productions have spanned across various cities from Europe to North and South America, including but not limited to Rotterdam, Leipzig, Sevilla, Rio, and Anaheim. 

Each project has presented its own challenges and demanded a distinct level of adaptability and innovation, all while maintaining alignment with the DreamHack brand. In addition, every location requires a unique understanding of culture to embrace traditions and ensure that the vision respects local elements to elevate the experience. 

The success of these events have been a testament to Bombee’s ability to deliver remarkable stage design, custom scenic elements, state of the art equipment, and innovative API solutions. It has also allowed Bombee to prove its expertise in event and project management by coordinating various amounts of tournament operations, travel logistics, venue sourcing, and production obstacles around the globe. 

The evolution of this partnership has shown Bombee’s commitment to not only exceed expectations but consistently push the boundaries of esports entertainment. In continuously crafting unique, memorable, and culturally resonate gaming experiences for the DreamHack Open events, Bombee confirms what it means to be a top-tier esports production partner.

Media courtesy of Dreamhack