DreamLeague is known for creating some of the most awe-inspiring shows in the industry, featuring a fusion of esports tournaments, performances, brand exhibitions, and more! Consistently attracting the best teams and drawing massive global audiences, Bombee has proudly served as a dedicated production partner to the DreamLeague organization for more than 10-seasons.

Cementing their reputation as the go-to team for executing the biggest and most entertaining esports events, Bombee has delivered an extensive range of services in bringing these productions to life. Over the years they’ve handled everything from stage design, custom fabrication, set dressing, lighting, technical operation, audio needs, video solutions, special effects, and customized API integration. In setting new standards across the industry, they’ve taken small-scale shows and seamlessly integrated various elements to create dynamic experiences that have left fans and players in astonishment. This has included custom build outs at ESL studios, unparalleled exhibitions that have allowed sponsors to connect with fans on a personal level, and large festivals that have required meticulous amounts of production management. 

Together, they have redefined what is possible in the world of esports entertainment, consistently delivering outstanding experiences. Driven by a shared passion for the gaming industry and a desire to create unforgettable events, fans can undoubtedly look forward to more remarkable showcases from this partnership.

Media courtesy of Dreamhack