Event Date: Summer 2018

Venue: Stadium arena in Norrköping, Sweden

Hosted in a stadium arena in Norrköping, Sweden, The Freedom Festival is a one-day indoor music festival for music genres like hard core, rawstyle and hardstyle. Behind the scenes, Bombee provided a complete turn-key solution for the festival creating a unique and artistic experience. 

In celebration of music, culture, and expression, Bombee impressed enthusiasts from all over the globe with their visually stunning production. Supplying full stage design, staging, lights, sound, LED video, and visual effects it was all inspired by the festival’s message of freedom and passion. With quick turnaround times and minimal staff, Bombee had to meticulously cater to the production schedules and devise a plan for efficient yet precise technical execution with no loss of quality. 

With limited resources, Bombee crafted a spectacular event that stands as a shining example of what can be achieved with dedication and vision.

Media courtesy of Freedom Festival