GAMERS8 2023

Event Date: July 6th – August 31st 2023
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Gamers8 was an eight-week extravaganza combining esports tournaments, music concerts, and conferences. Bombee was entrusted by EFG with concepting and designing two stage set ups and an analyst studio, inclusive of set designs, lighting, and technical plots, for the Colosseum and Versus stages of the 2023 Gamers8 event.

In order to make a statement, Bombee needed to adhere to a cohesive aesthetic but represent and design stages that made sense for each face of the experience. For the analyst studio, they immersed the casters inside multiple walls of LED with striking lighting outlines so that event visuals would be continuous, while player highlights and transition moments would remain seamless.

For the Colosseum, the trophy became the centerpiece, integrated into the immersive lighting and LED set designs so that players would pass as they entered the arena. Large LED screens wrapped the player booths and the entirety of the 3-stage arena, ensuring that gameplay was visible, while gamers had private booth sections equipped with individual seating.

The Versus stage had to accommodate a variation of game formats including 5vs5, 2vs2, etc., so it was important to create something that could scale up and down quickly. Bombee kept the same captivating and cinematic design theme, while ensuring the action could be captured from all angles.

Overall, Bombee’s collaboration with EFG and the Gamers8 organizers exemplifies the ability to combine creative stage design with technical expertise in order to create larger-than-life gaming experiences and enrich future esports productions.

Media courtesy of EFG & GAMERS8

GAMERS8 2023