Event Date: October 26th – November 7th 2021

Venue: Avicii Arena in Stockhold, Sweden

After more than a year of isolation, the esports community was eagerly anticipating the PGL CSGO Major in Stockholm. Known as one of the first large-scale esports events to occur after COVID-19 began, the event boasted participation from twenty-four top tier teams and Bombee secured the responsibility of providing full production and design services for the tournament. 

In an area where Bombee thrived, the pandemic had disrupted the logistics of this production by making it extremely challenging to secure the necessary resources for the event. In addition, local crews, who were essential for executing these events, were not readily available due to health and safety concerns. Due to these difficulties, Bombee had to rethink their resources and production roles. They diversified their supplier base, adapted their team members to multifunctional roles, and seamlessly executed an impeccable production. Showcasing multiple enhanced stages with captivating graphics, custom scenic elements, special effects, banners, immersive lighting and video setups, this tournament’s success was a significant moment in esports entertainment. 

In the face of unprecedented challenges, Bombee demonstrated their adaptability, resourcefulness, and passion for production that beat all obstacles. The PGL CSGO Major turned out to be one of the biggest online esports events that the community had ever seen, symbolizing the resilience of the gaming community in the face of adversity.

Media courtesy of PGL