Event Date: March 27th – April 4th 2021

Venue: Standard Hotel Ballroom

In 2021, Bombee was responsible for all stage design, production operations and project management of the PGL Singapore Major, held at the Standard Hotel Ballroom. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the magnitude of this event didn’t seem possible, as it was the first-ever DOTA 2 Major to be broadcasted in 4K with players from over 29 countries, inclusive of 100 hours of live-action during nine days of competition.

With strict pandemic restrictions in place, Bombee was put to the test with the logistical complexities this production would experience. Navigating these challenges, Bombee had to obtain government acceptance to enter Signapore and adhere to all health and safety protocols. At arrival, 5-day isolation periods were required and once cleared, the teams had to work within their own isolated bubbles. This meant no crossover for design and operations, making schedule segmenting difficult and the order of operations needed to be reconfigured. Showcasing professionalism and adaptability, Bombee adhered to all safety measures, developed detailed coordination plans for staggered shifts and transitions, all while maintaining the same high standard of production quality for both viewers and players. 

What seemed like an impossible mission turned into an incredible success! After 14 long months of waiting, the DOTA fans were thrilled to experience the PGL Major and the event demonstrated Bombee’s resilience to execute complex projects under adverse conditions, while still prioritizing safety and quality.

Media courtesy of PGL & One Esports