Event Date: December 7th – December 12th 2021

Venue: ESL Sweden Studio

Bombee created an event that exceeded all expectations for the highly anticipated 2021-22 Rocket League Fall Split Major in Stockholm. A vibrant and innovative success, we offered full-service solutions by providing all designs, staging, decor and production management logistics.

Held during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, stringent protocols and venue location became large obstacles in creating the same arena feel in a limited size studio with strict limitations on both height and depth. Through careful development and execution of designing an S-tier event with meticulously-calculated overhead and floor-based rigging solutions, we overcame a lack of power availability and the physical drawbacks of the venue that had inherent spatial issues for storage and camera placement. In utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment, we incorporated player POV cameras and leveraged Rocket League’s in-game API to integrate key statistics, scoring and dedicated graphics.

With an uptick of 10% in the online audience over the previous Major, the dynamic and immersive production reached over a quarter of a million fans in viewership by the grand finals. This success set a high standard for future RLCS events, that served as a prime example of triumphant event management and solidified Bombee as a major player in the esports arena.

Media courtesy of ESL & PYSONIX