Event Date: February 8th – 20th 2022

Venue: Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm, Sweden

In early 2022, Bombee collaborated with EFG, to execute one of the most thrilling and anticipated events of gaming history, the Six Invitational in Stockholm. Hosted in the beautiful Swedish capital, the best teams from all corners of the globe were eager to claim their title at one of the biggest tournaments in the industry. 

With every Invitational, the competition grows fiercer, the strategies more intricate, and the excitement levels higher. Simultaneously, strict COVID protocols were put into place, eliminating an opportunity for in-person audiences and creating challenging production logistics. As a result, Bombee understood the importance of integrating unforgettable moments and in utilizing their partners at Spyder Cam, they implemented tracking capabilities that enabled advanced real-time lighting control. This intricate setup was a technical marvel that created a dynamic and cinematic experience, giving production the ability to highlight special moments and organically amplify the excitement of the games. 

In the end, the Six Invitational was a resounding success and Bombee’s dedication to delivering a world-class esports production left fans and players in awe. The showcase was a testament to Bombee’s experience and professionalism that emphasizes the potential of esports as a mainstream entertainment spectacle.

Media courtesy of Ubisoft & EFG