Event Date: January 18th – 26th, 2020

Venue: Leipziger Messe

Bombee technically produced the 2020 Dreamleague Season 13 Dota 2 Major, a prestigious esports tournament, featuring top-teams from all over the globe, with a prize pool of $1million dollars. The event took place in an expo hall right ahead of DreamHack Leipzig, adding an extra layer of complexity.

Navigating the technical production of the Major alongside DreamHack Leipzig, demonstrated Bombee’s expertise in event management, stage design, and logistical coordination. The proximity of the productions required careful planning to ensure that both events could run seamlessly without interfering with each other. Bombee executed full production logistics, inclusive of stage design, custom scenic elements, equipment sourcing and operation, plus project management services for all of the stages of the Dota 2 Major. Bombee was also asked to create, design, and deliver soundproof play spaces to shield teams from external noise and create fair playing environments. Bombee designed custom solutions out of freight containers with specialized acoustic materials and used cranes to lift containers into place for installation. Through precise time management and coordination, they delivered a world-class event that added excitement and immersion, enhancing the overall experience for fans and gamers alike. 

The success of this event illustrates Bombee’s ability to overcome unique challenges and deliver outstanding results in a dynamic and demanding environment. As a trusted esports production partner, Bombee’s track-record continues to prove that they can create unforgettable experiences, no matter the circumstances.

Media courtesy of Dreamhack